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Selected Works

Look right for some selected works, and see below for a more comprehensive list of artists whose works currently feature in our collection.

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Italian artists in our collection include:

Leandro and Jacopo Bassano

Sebastiano Conca

Il Garofalo

Niccolo Pietro Gerini

Giovanni Chisolfi

Giovanni Francesco Grimaldi

Carl Antonio Procaccini

Marco Ricci

Sebastiano Ricci

Giulio Romano

Gian Domenico Tiepolo

Artists from other European Schools include:

Nicholas Berchem

Philippe de Champaigne

Hendrick de Clerck and Jan Breughel the Elder

Pieter Coopse

Melchior de Hondecoeter

Gillis Jacobsz van Hulsdonck

Hans Jordaens

J.F. Lagrenée

Michel Lambert

Cornelis de Man

Frederick de Moucheron and Adrian van der Velde

Willem van Nieulandt

Jacques van Oost

Willem de Poorter

Dominic Serres

Hendrick van Streek

David Teniers the Elder

Marten de Vos Jan Wildens

Here are some images from our collection:

Niccolo di Pietro Gerini, The Madonna and Child enthroned
Panel 95 x 50 cm


Il Garofalo, The Holy Family in a landscape with a Shepherd
Oil on panel 41.3 x 51.5 cm


Philippe de Champaigne, Crucifixion
Oil on canvas 94 x 70 cm


Sebastiano Ricci, Samson returning to his parents
Oil on canvas 136.8 x 104.1 cm


Melchior de Hondecoeter
Oil on canvas 74 x 69 cm Signed


Dominic Serres, Dutch coastal craft on a fresh day
Oil on canvas 95 x 139.5 cm Signed with initials and dated 1771


Michel Lambert, Antigone imploring her father Oedipus to lift his curse from her brother Polynices
Oil on canvas 115 x 147 cm
Exhibited at the Salon, Paris, 1795, No. 281

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